Sweat equity.

Today, Beanie and I went to check on the garden at his school.  I offered all three of my kiddos the opportunity to work with me on the beds for a few hours and Beanie was the only one who would come voluntarily.  In Tony and Jillian’s defense, today is the hottest day we’ve seen this year, somewhere in the high 90s.  Wimps. 

We built the school garden earlier this spring and are still harvesting from our original plantings.  The two raised beds are filled with compost from the Volusia Shed out in Deland.  We’ve fertilized once with an organic granular product and it’s watered every other day.  It appears this is a recipe for success.  Our tomatoes are still producing, not one plant is diseased or looked wilted from the heat.  That is a miracle.  We have two types of eggplant weighed down with fruits.  Cucumbers are still going.  Something is eating their leaves, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.  Beans, collards, basil, and marigolds couldn’t be happier. 

Beanie helped stake up the tomato plants with me and we pulled grass and weeds from the beds.  We added a layer of leaf compost and topped it off with some aged compost.  That should help keep the nutrient levels high when we start getting summer rains and it will prevent weeds, hopefully.  We planted some peppers and pulled out some spent sunflowers.  And then we harvested a few buckets of tomatoes, a beautiful eggplant (it’s so pretty; you almost don’t want to eat it), bunches of basil and the last batch of snow peas that somehow made it through in the shade of the sunflowers.  After an hour or so, we were both drenched in sweat, covered in dirt and exhausted….but satisfied.  It’s kind of a mommy bazinga, sharing that satisfaction.  


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