The daily June rains are a blessing and a curse for my garden.  I decided a few years ago not to be daunted by the summer heat and throw in the towel.  Instead, I sought out plants that would make it through our summer without too much fuss.  Sure, some things are being eaten by bugs that love the moisture; snails are overpopulating, the marigolds rotted out in their pots.  But then there are those that are resilient.  Plants that can take the wind, heat, rain, 100 percent humidity….they ride out the storm, unaffected by stress. 

Moss rose flourishes in the summer heat….it’s so happy, it wants to reproduce.  Take a piece off of the mother plant, plop it in the soil and in a week or so you have a healthy baby.  Same for coleus and angelonia.  Okra and cow peas are growing unnaturally fast, like something out of a fairytale.  And the pepper plants aren’t complaining, just fruiting away.  Most of the tomatoes are about to sputter out, but I’m babying those last few survivors.  (AJ makes an out-of-this-world bruschetta with homemade bread and homegrown tomatoes/basil)  I’ve got some superhero seeds started…the plant has to be a superhero if it can be started in mid-June….amaranthus, asian beans, luffa,sunflowers, pigeon peas and sweet potatoes.  They will provide an ongoing harvest through August and September. 

Here’s a shot of what is going strong at our school garden in Sanford.  It’s only half of what Jillian and I picked; the other half went to the school staff.  Image

We’ll be enjoying some fresh eggplant parm, salsa and cucumber/tomato salad this week at the Smith house.  Who wants to come for dinner?

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