Herban Farms

Categorize this under things that make me happy:  We have our sign for the farmers’ market.  Yes, we do!  I love the process that took shape as we developed our name and the logo. 

The first few times we set up at the farmers’ market, I called it a win just getting the kids and the produce there and set up.  Once we settled in and got our groove, we started to talk about different ways to establish a presence in a competitive field.  Show up and have credibility.  So we started assessing what each vendor had and didn’t have, what made the booths more welcoming, which booths attract the most people and how.  The kids noticed that everyone at the market has a nice vinyl banner sign hanging from their tent.  And they also took note that branding is a BIG thing in sales. 

We knew we wanted a logo that was easy to identify and spoke to the heart of what we’re doing.  We had a few brainstorming meetings at the coffee shop.  The kids threw out a bunch of ideas: flowers, vegetables, the obvious different plants.  Our dear friend Josh was with us at one of the meetings and struck gold with the idea of using New Image’s dead tree as part of our logo, a kind of poetic tribute to the center of our giant planter at the center.  The tree sits like a piece of art in the middle of the bed, surrounded by butterfly plants.  To me, it symbolizes strength and beauty.  I think the kids see it, too.

Next, we met with Andia, our graphic designer.  The kids threw out ideas for what their ideal image would look like, which colors they liked, what they didn’t.  They want it to look very natural with simple lines.  Abetna had the idea of displaying the tree in an artistic way, not totally literal.  And from there, Andia produced our finished product. 

From the beginning, the kids wanted a name for our garden.  We just couldn’t agree on one.  Over two months, we probably went through 100 names.  New Image Going Green. Nope.  Kids From the Hood Growing Good. Um, no. Bare Fruit. Not so much.  Nothing was harmonious.  Then one day we stopped by the coffee shop to plant some flowers out front and the kids were brainstorming names again.  Paul came up with the brilliant idea of using Herban…because we grow some kick-butt herbs in our beds.  It gelled completely, a pure light-bulb moment. 


And now here we are, with an official logo, an official name and a sign.  Sweet.


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1 Response to Herban Farms

  1. em11880 says:

    Amazing, Wendy! Growing Herbs, Earth-tenders and chefs daily at NIYC! See you tomorrow night!

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