In a day.

I am constantly entertained by the different scenes you can see in a garden in one day.   Working from home, I take several small breaks throughout my day and engage in small tasks outside.  Yesterday morning, as I poured my coffee grounds into the soil around my cracker rose, the morning glories caught my eye.  Completely glorious.  Wide open, ready for the day.  The butterflies weren’t out yet, too early I guess.  But the birds were out and their chorus was almost obnoxiously loud. 


Around lunch I went out to play with the labradoodle for a bit.  The zebra longwings were feasting on the firebush, must’ve been five or six of them fluttering about.  A queen was laying eggs on the milkweed and a few swallowtails were making an appearance.  Bumble-bees are ever-present on the tulsi basil.  They’ve found their way to the bee balm that is blooming right next to the basil.  (That’s my brilliant planning)  Lunch time is the peak time of the day in the garden, outwardly at least.  Everyone’s awake. 

In the evening, I went back out to harvest some herbs to go with dinner and the four o’clocks were open.  They open around 6 or so for me, not 4:00.  Their tubular flowers attract everybody, showy and seductive. Our hummingbird visits for dinner nightly.  The hummingbird moth comes around the same time and enjoys the pentas.  Butterflies are still out, only not en masse.  The morning glories are closed up for the day now, same for the moss rose, sleepy.  The night-blooming jasmine is the last to open, its white flowers glowing in the moonlight signal the end to a busy day in the backyard.  Image



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