Week in Review


We’re at the peak of spring planting in Central Florida.  Our middle school garden class broke a sweat on Wednesday, planting a few tomato transplants, saving arugula seeds, watering cucumbers.  We sowed some sunflower seeds, a tiger’s eye mix.  The rainbow chard is thriving, along with kale.  We have plenty of greens. 


Garden clubbers were excited to pick bouquets of fresh flowers from our beds.  The boys are fascinated by worms.  Collecting worms, moving worms, measuring worms. 


The beds at Herban Farms are a dream.  Bursting with lettuce, peppers, amazing basil, collards, beets, broccoli, the last of some peas, radishes, pretty much anything you can imagine.  We started sunflower seeds here, too.  Mammoth ones.  A statement plant.  Probably THE statement plant.  Oh, and the cucumbers are fruiting 🙂  Benita informed me they are pickles.  I affirmed they were on their way to becoming pickles. 


To celebrate a lovely gardening week, I walked around Lake Eola with a friend.  We watched black swans, uncommon loons, and ducks.  Talked about our week and were blessed with a random rain shower as we left. 


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Gardener, mother, wife, transcriptionist, Jesus follower.
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