Guerilla Gardening, Bursts and Happy Hippies.

Our school has a wildflower patch along the front entryway.  We planted it a few years ago with the help of the Florida Wildflower Association.  It’s zero maintenance, drought tolerant, awesome for beneficials and eye-catching.  After all of the bad news this week, the heaviness surrounding us, I wanted to give the kids some time for play therapy.  Even middle schoolers can appreciate the art of getting your hands dirty, kneading soil and clay and seeds together to create something purposeful, something that brings hope.  So we made seed bursts.  Balls clumped together with compost, clay, seeds and a tiny bit of water.

Image They started with gloves, but then they liked the feel of the clay.  With the exception of my son, lol.  Cosmically funny, he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.


With seeds we saved from the wildflower bed, some spent arugula and marigolds, we created these gems.  Next week, when they’re dry, the kids will take them home and toss them somewhere, planting mini-flowerbeds in random locations.  We talked about Guerilla gardening, spreading the love in abandoned lots, fields, bare spots in your garden.  They were jazzed.


Our snack time was blissful, too.  Fruit salad including granny smiths, nectarines, grapes, kiwi and a meyer-lemon, agave nectar dressing infused with lemon thyme and fennel.  Yum.   Oh, and some pansies for kicks.  I think I may be a happy hippie.


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  1. This salad makes me happy! Beautiful!

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