Spin It

We’re nearing the end of the school year.  Kids can smell summer.  We’ve worked hard all year, hands in the dirt, drenched in sweat and seaweed emulsion….my favorite combination.  Who needs perfume?  This week, we had a break from the garden beds and watched a PBS feature on farmers’ markets, in the air conditioned classroom.  As the garden teacher, I love to bring in healthy snacks for the crew.  Kids are always hungry.  Always.  What goes better with a movie than popcorn?  Nothing.  How about healthy popcorn?  That’s the ticket.  I know better than to call it that, though.  Nobody’s touching healthy popcorn from their gardening teacher.  Instead, I called it fancy foodie popcorn.  The recipe is simple.  Stove-top popping in olive oil with a sprig of rosemary.  Melt a little good butter (no margarine or fake butter product…the real deal), stick another sprig of rosemary in the hot butter.  Lightly coat the popcorn with the rosemary-infused butter, add finely grated Parmesan and sea salt.  Heavenly.  It’s a highly-acclaimed recipe according to my students.  Best popcorn they’ve ever tasted is what I was told 🙂  

So, yes, I spun it a little bit.  Why not?  Here, we’re eating something that you would eat at a foodie restaurant, a trendy locavore dish.  Yes, it’s definitely healthier than the movie theater.  No, it doesn’t taste like cardboard. 


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Gardener, mother, wife, transcriptionist, Jesus follower.
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